Host the Disciple Making Course in your Living Room

Experience the interactive training that empowers normal people with normal jobs to make disciples that multiply.

Go through the 9-lesson Disciple Making Course in:

In the last year, there were 1,088 trainings hosted.

No Preparation Required

Let the Disciple Making Course do the heavy lifting for you.

1. Watch

Gather your friends around your phone, computer, or TV and press play.

2. Discuss

The course is interactive with prompts for discussion and exercises.

3. Implement

The course provides clear next steps and resources to implement what you learn.



Who is this for?

Anyone who is a follower of Jesus, including those who:

Ministry is not your vocation, but you want to know God deeper and you want others to know Him too. You will learn simple but practical steps towards seeing God transform your community.


You aren’t quite sure what your purpose is. You want to be faithful but you feel disconnected from God’s plan for your life. You will receive a renewed vision for what God can do in and through you!


You are already doing some sort of ministry. You will be equipped with practical tools and training that you can pass down to those you are leading. This means you’ll be able to mobilize believers in your community to make disciples that multiply!

Does the course cost money?

Nope! The Waha Disciple Making Course is made completely free by the generous donations of the Waha community. Help fund translating the Waha Disciple Making Course into new languages, so that it can reach more people, by making a donation at

What if my language is not available?

The Disciple Making Course was designed with translation in mind. If you would like to partner with us to add your language or to request a language, please send us an email at

Can I go through this by myself?

Disciple making was always meant to be done in community (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1, Matthew 10:5). The course and its implementation was designed with this in mind, being heavily discussion based. If you want to watch the course by yourself, we only recommend doing this in order to understand the content before gathering a group together for training.

Is this an online course?

While the course is hosted online, it is meant to be done in-person in a group setting. If the group you are wanting to train cannot easily gather together, the Disciple Making Course has successfully been hosted on a video-conferencing tool like Zoom. You’ll need to share your screen for all attendees to be able to see the video content.

What is the companion mobile app?

In the course, you will learn about a free mobile app called Waha. Waha enables anyone to facilitate a Discovery Bible Study or disciple-making training. Learn more at