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Waha Discovery Bible Study App

How it works

With the Waha App, you can easily invite your friends to join you in a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). The app facilitates the entire lesson for you, making it simple and convenient.

Invite Friends

Invite a group of friends or family members to study God’s word with you.

Many groups are between 3 to 12 people. You could say something like this, “Hey! I found an app that helps people discover what God says about life and purpose in the Bible. Would you want to meet with me and a few others to try out a lesson?”

While most meetings happen in living rooms, you could also do a meeting at a park or cafe. Wherever you usually meet with your friends is the best place to meet!

Press Play

Once you and your friends or family are all together, choose the first lesson in Waha and press play.

The app will facilitate the entire meeting for your group. Whenever a question is asked, simply pause the audio and discuss it.


Encourage each member of your group to apply their commitments and start a group of their own.

Through obeying scripture, groups serve their communities, share what they are learning, and God transforms peoples’ lives!

Easy to Use

Group facilitators don’t need to be professional ministers or skilled evangelists to lead a Discovery Bible Study. Anyone familiar with a music app like Apple Music or Spotify can easily start facilitating their first meeting in Waha.

Made for Groups

Simply gather friends or family and press play. You can track progress across multiple groups and in multiple languages.

Mobilize Believers

Cast vision and train other believers to make disciples that multiply using the Waha Disciple Making Course.


Access Waha's curriculum in 20 languages...with more being added all the time!

Curated content

Discovery Groups are led through the essentials like “Creation to Christ”, “Making a Decision about Jesus”, “Being Disciples”, “Being a Jesus Community”, and “Being Leaders.”

Security focused

Security mode hides content for those in security-conscious areas.


Data is encrypted at rest and in-transit.


All content is free for anyone to use

Download lessons for offline use

Use Waha in areas where internet is unavailable

SD Card or Solar Player Compatible

All lessons can be downloaded onto any device capable of media playback.

Seeker Friendly

Engage seeking non-believers with a tool that isn’t intimidating.


No advertisements ever appear on Waha. We are funded by the generous support of patrons.


Waha has everything you need to discover God and to make disciples, including hundreds of lessons with scripture and group questions. No need for additional books, resources, or hours of leader preparation.

Waha is the best thing happening right now in the world of faith and tech

Ali Llewellyn

#hack4missions Director

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