Waha + the Last Mile of Bible Translation

As translators around the world press on toward eradicating Biblical poverty, Waha is running a key leg of the race.

A movement to eradicate Bible poverty is underway

New Bible translations often take several years or more and cost a large amount of money to complete. This work is of utmost importance, and we are thankful for our partner organizations such as the Digital Bible Library, the American Bible Society, Biblica, Wycliffe, SIL, the United Bible Societies, and many others who have committed to eradicate Bible poverty by 2033 as part of the Every Tribe Every Nation alliance.

Translation is just the beginning

While great progress has been made in seeing the Bible fully translated into all of the world's languages, thousands of people still face barriers to accessing Scripture, and in turn, to developing mature and fulfilling relationships with God. As translators complete their work, Waha is well-positioned to receive the baton and get their translations into the hands of current and future disciples worldwide.

Through our Discovery Bible Study App and Disciple Making Course, we bring God’s Word, in any language, to the hands of believers on the ground in a format that will help them begin making disciples, forming churches, and multiplying God's Kingdom.

In some instances, Bible translations face delays or lack mature and trained local disciples to help push translation projects "over the finish line". Every good Bible translation needs locals and native speakers to work alongside translation consultants to determine the best ways to communicate the teachings of scripture to their people. Waha helps move these translation projects forward in two ways.

We harness the power of partial translations.

Waha provides a solid foundational curriculum with years’ worth of content, using a mere 7% of the verses of the Bible translated. That’s fewer total verses to launch than are found in the book of Psalms!

Our dream is for every person in every language to be able to one day read the whole Bible in their own heart language. In the meantime, Waha harnesses partially complete scripture translations to see mature disciples raised up in the least reached places of the world, equipping them to reach their communities and their people with God's Good News.

We empower disciple makers.

Disciple making and church planting is often presented as too complicated or intimidating for everyday believers. Waha was created by front-line disciple makers, for front-line disciple makers, to break down those barriers. Waha's "gather, press play, discuss" format creates a synergy we believe is unstoppable. Believers in more than 110 countries are seeing how simple it is to lead a Waha group and getting empowered to make disciples. Our app is growing at a rate of nearly 2,000 users per month—with practically zero marketing!

As we continue to grow our network of regional coordinators focused on localization and mobilization, we look forward to deepening our relationships with our Bible translation partners, so that together we can go from 20 languages on Waha to 100... and then 1,000.

Help us get there!