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This is the most exciting development in the world of missions that I’ve ever seen. I am very happy for our church to support this.

James Heffington


Wow, there is such a return on investment for giving towards this!

Thomas F

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Elevate your giving and enjoy your beverages in style. Our cherished  supporters contributing $50 or more per month will receive a 12-ounce travel mug that seamlessly combines form and function.

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Will my gift be tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to Waha are tax-deductible!

Waha is a ministry of a local church, with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, in the State of Washington (contact for more information). Funds given to Waha will be used for making the Waha app, training, and other content available to more people in more languages. Donations are solicited with the understanding that Waha has complete discretion and control over all donated funds.

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After giving, you will receive an email link where you can view your history, edit your monthly gift, or cancel your recurring gift. Or, you can click here to manage you're giving now.

Are there any other methods for giving?
  • You can give via bank transfer using Plaid or your routing and accounting numbers (for gifts above $95)

  • You can give with Apple Pay or Google Pay

  • You can give with credit card

  • Contact us at to give via check, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate

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Your support empowers people to discover God's Word & multiply disciples

Monthly goal funded: