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The Repeatable, Decentralized DMM Training Model

To: The DMM Practioner

From: Team Waha

There is an analogy that comes up a lot when you’re talking about seeing movement.
2 things are needed for a sailboat to move: the wind and the sails. Similarly, when it comes to seeing movement, we need God to blow his wind. Without the Holy Spirit moving, drawing people to Himself, we won’t be able to see the revival we so desperately want. We see this in John 6 where Jesus says, “no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me.”
Secondly, we need sails to catch the wind–systems and processes in place to catch what God is doing.
For the longest time, these processes for training and mobilizing local believers were confusing and unclear to implement. We would fly to conferences, events, or hand out movement-related books… all hoping our partners in the faith would catch the vision.
We wanted there to be a better way.
So we built Waha, the A to Z System for Multiplying Disciples, Churches, and Leaders that fits in your pocket.

What does adding a language look like?

Sprint 1: Analysis & Preparation

Lay the groundwork by making some key decisions, like who you will collaborate with and what Bible translation you will use.

Sprint 2: Adoption Plan

Figure out who is going to use your language and how you will get people envisioned for Waha.

Sprint 3: Design Decisions

Come up with a color, logo, and brand name for your language.

Sprint 4: Translations

Translate questions and app text and copy over Scripture text.

Sprint 5: Audio/Video Recordings

Record and edit audio and video content, like question sets and Scripture passages.

Sprint 6: Beta Launch

Look over a beta version of your language to verify that everything looks good before launching.

What we look for in a Language Instance Partner

Technical Ability

You should feel comfortable using spreadsheets, editing documents, and using our online tools.


Disciplined Language Instance Partners usually get their language launched in 2-6 months.

English Fluency

English fluency is required to use our tools and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use summaries or story retellings of Scripture passages?
We require every language instance to use a certified Bible translation, so we do not support summarizations or unofficial “story” versions of Bible passages.
What if my language doesn't have an official Bible translation?
In the case of a Scripture translation being unavailable, you can use a trade or bridge translation. Another option is to have both a trade language telling and a non-official, phrase-for-phrase retelling of the Scripture in your target language. The lesson questions should be in your target language.
Can I customize the Story Sets or questions?

You can tweak the Story Set and question templates that we have in place. We realize certain areas and world views have different needs.

However, we require every language instance to have the Creation to Christ sets and a decision set.

Unless you are seeing stage 5+ movement, we steer people to use the templates we have in place.

Is there a suggested donation?

Yes! We ask for a donation of $5000 for each language. This helps us maintain the app and continue to add more features and content.