Solutions for offline use, nonreaders, the Deaf, and those with minimal technology.

Access Waha regardless of socioeconomic status or reading ability, so that all people may discover God through the Bible

Offline Use

As long as you have internet to initially download the app and a few lessons, Waha can be used completely offline!

  1. When you have internet, download Waha via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. While you still have internet, download as many lessons as you would like
  3. Now, when you no longer have internet, you can still facilitate a Waha lesson!

Distribute lessons with SD Cards

By downloading Waha story sets to SD cards, you can help those without internet availability facilitate Discovery Bible Studies. This means God’s Word can go to the most remote villages!

  1. When you have internet, download the story sets you’d like to distribute from
  2. Copy those story sets to as many SD cards as you’d like to distribute
  3. Distribute SD cards to any device capable of media-playback and a SD card input. This means Waha can be used with Solar Speakers, Feature Phones, older Android devices, or any device with an SD card input!


Anyone familiar with a music app like Spotify or Youtube can easily start facilitating their first meeting in Waha.  All lessons are “audio first”, meaning you don’t need to feel comfortable reading in order to facilitate a lesson.

The Deaf

Coming soon! Waha will have video-based lessons so that the Deaf community can facilitate Discovery Bible Studies or get trained in DMM.

Developed Urban Areas

Downloading Waha is as easy as searching the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for “Waha”. This means Waha can be easily shared and distributed without having to go through complicated steps.

SD card distribution is extremely helpful. A lot of our people have SD card slots in their radios, so Waha let's us still facilitate lessons with lower technological barriers.


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