No soldier attempts to take the hill alone. They link up with a band of sisters and brothers dedicated to their commanding officer’s mission, and to one another. We believe that we have the greatest commanding officer who’s given us the most important mission, so we need an equally committed community around us!

Those of us dedicated to the work of disciple making need a place where we can go to enjoy fellowship with others serving the same mission. A place where we can get support when we encounter challenges, and further hone our skills. A place where we can be reminded we’re not alone and encouraged to grow closer to our Father. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Waha Mobilization Network. 

The Mobilization Network is a global community of the most dedicated disciple makers all working together to learn how to use the best tools for the most important mission. They come from all backgrounds, denominations, churches, and sending organizations, with the goal of helping mobilize people in their places of influence by assisting them in launching the Disciple Making Course in their communities, or using Waha to start new Discovery Bible Studies. These Mobilizers are further able to connect with and support one other through our new online community. 

  • In the Mobilization Network community, Mobilizers engage in discussion about the topics most relevant to them.
  • They share ideas and resources, and participate in exclusive webinars with some of the most effective disciple making leaders in the world.
  • They use their giftings to contribute to the work of Waha by giving input into forthcoming resources.
  • Those who support the vision of Waha financially are also given access to free bi-weekly coaching to help them become more effective multipliers.

The Waha Mobilization Network is open to anyone who has completed the Disciple Making Course with at least 2 other people and is willing to assist others in their area get started with the Course as well. But don’t let that discourage you from applying for membership. Those who haven’t yet completed the Disciple Making Course can be given status as a “Mobilizer-in-Training,” and can access all the main features of the online community as well as receive free coaching to complete the Disciple Making Course and become full Mobilizers.

Sign up today, by clicking here, then download the Circle mobile app on iOS or google play for the best experience possible.