Hey Disciple-Makers,

Today, we’re excited to announce 4 new additions to Waha!

  1. Egyptian Arabic is now live! This marks our 10th language instance on Waha! 🎉
  2. Moroccan “Darija” audio has been added to Moroccan Arabic!
  3. 3 new Disciple Making Community Sets (39 total lessons) are now available in the English Mobilization Tools!
  4. A new “Timestamp” Feature to help you quickly skip to the secondary Scripture translation when a language uses two translations. (IE, in Moroccan Arabic, you can skip the Modern Standard Arabic audio and only hear it in Moroccan Arabic if you prefer.)

Make sure you download the new update (2.7.1) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to access these features.

3 New Disciple Making Community Sets!

Keep your DMC going with 3 New Story Sets!

Did you start a Disciple Making Community but then run out of lessons for your DMC to do together? Problem solved! There are now 3 new story sets to help you Grow as a DMC. Each set has 13 lessons, and these sets do not contain training videos. Instead, they have a brief audio-introduction in the Story chapter before each reading of scripture. Here is a preview of the topics covered in the first new set:

  • Vision
  • Obedience
  • Living Intentionally and Filtering
  • Extraordinary Prayer
  • The Great Commission
  • Trusting God and Trusting Scripture
  • Jesus’ Strategy in Sending His Disciples to the Lost
  • A Focus on Natural Communities (Oikos)
  • Being Like Jesus in their Context
  • Barnabas (Finding and Empowering New Leaders)
  • Multiple Generations. Multiplying Growth.
  • Being the Church
  • Evaluating and Planning

Let’s talk about Arabic…

You may have noticed that with the addition of Egyptian Arabic, we now have 4 Arabic language instances on Waha, and we’d love to add several more! (Apply here if you’re interested in launching another Arabic!)

4 Arabics and counting!

We can launch an Arabic language very rapidly right now by starting out only using the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) text and audio [KEH Version]. This way, each lesson has a local narrator asking all the questions in the local dialect, while the group listens to the MSA recording of scripture.

This is a great launching point for building momentum. Of course, it is ideal to work quickly to add the local Arabic dialect within the Story chapters in Waha, so that groups can hear both the MSA and their local dialect translation; one after the other.

When we launched Moroccan Arabic a couple weeks ago, we had just the MSA text and audio, but we are happy to announce that we now have access to the Moroccan Arabic (MTSD) audio, and we are gradually adding it to all the lessons. It’s available now on the first 3 Foundational Story Sets and the 1 Topical Set.

Gulf Arabic currently has both the MSA and the local dialect audio in all of the Foundational lessons, and now has 16 Topical lessons that contain the Modern Standard Arabic (KEH) only.

Egyptian and Libyan Arabic both currently have the MSA audio, with plans to add the local dialects in the future.

Timestamp Feature!

As we just discussed, many Arabic language instances have both Modern Standard Arabic and the local Arabic dialect in their Story chapter audio files. So, what happens if a group wants to re-listen to the scripture again, but only the local dialect? Or what if a group is happy to skip the MSA audio altogether and only listen to the local dialect? Enter the timestamp feature…

A small tick appears on the scrubber bar that inidicates where the next translation’s audio begins. When you move the scrubber to the tick, it snaps in place and provides some haptic feedback (a small vibration).

That’s it for now! Make sure you download the new update (2.7.1) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to access these features.


The Waha Team