Discovering God

These 5 Miracles of Jesus will Blow Your Mind!

Whether you grew up learning about Jesus or you never met a Christian in your life, you’ve probably heard of Jesus. The reason he’s so famous, regardless of your cultural or religious background, is because he did some pretty notable things. Check out these 5 incredible miracles that will have you thinking twice about Jesus.

1. He put on a great banquet.

Our first story is Jesus spending so much time with people that they all got too hungry, but they still wanted to be with him. Always eager to show his love to ordinary people, Jesus decided to feed them lunch.

His friends, the disciples, were not pleased.

No one had brought anything to eat, except for a small child who had a few loaves of bread and a fish or two. Jesus instructed his disciples to distribute the food anyway. Just like the trick with the wine, they were amazed when the food came out. There seemed to be more and more, until everyone had eaten so much their bellies were full!

If you’ve ever wondered if God cares about where your next meal or rent check will come from, it’s safe to say He does.

2. He didn’t care who could or couldn’t afford a co-pay.

Jesus is known to have healed many people, but one story stands out. There was a religious leader named Jairus, and his daughter was sick. Now the thing to know about the religious leaders of Jesus’ day is that Jesus rubbed them the wrong way. Jairus would’ve been someone who was known for speaking out against Jesus quite often. So it was pretty humbling when he became desperate enough to beg for Jesus’ help healing his daughter. Jesus obliged.

But as Jairus’ servant was leading Jesus to his house, a poor woman squeezed her way through the crowd and touched the edge of his robe. Having bled for years, this woman had lost everything. She was considered unclean in her culture and likely had no family to support her. She too was desperate, and she was healed.

Not only can Jesus heal the sick, but He loves us all the same—rich or poor, man or woman, Christian or not.

3.  He proved the weather man wrong.

Spending so much time with people can be draining, and even though Jesus was fully God, he was also fully human, so He got tired! Once, he decided to rest after a particularly grueling day of ministry, while he crossed the Sea of Galilee in a boat. It wasn’t a good day for an outing, though, because huge storm clouds gathered overhead.

Soon, the thunder was roaring, and the waves were crashing so hard that Jesus’ disciples thought they would capsize for sure! They ran into the hull of the little vessel and woke up Jesus, who sleepily made his way to the boat’s deck and yawned as he spoke to the winds and the rain and told them all to calm down. Immediately, the storm dissipated, and the waters were still.

His disciples started to wonder if there might be something a little special about this man who seemed to love everyone so much.

4.  He was the original demon-slayer.

There are more than a few stories about Jesus casting evil spirits out of people. But one of the best ones involves an entire legion of demons and a heard of pigs.

In this account, Jesus and his disciples disembarked on a little island where a man was known to live like an animal. The people of his village had tried chaining him up, but he had an unnatural strength that allowed him to break the chains. Interestingly enough, he sensed Jesus’ presence and fell on the ground before Him as soon as He and the disciples stepped off the boat.

The evil spirits, speaking through the man, begged for mercy. So Jesus cast them out of the man and into a nearby heard of grazing pigs, which immediately rushed off a cliff and into the ocean.

Now in his right mind, the man attempted to get into the ship and travel with Jesus and his disciples. Instead, Jesus told him to go and tell his friends and family about what God had done for him.

5. Not even death could stop Him.

By now you’ve probably caught on to the fact that Jesus spent a lot of time with people. He always had time for them. But chances are, those interactions could make Him run late to other things, right?

That’s what two of his best friends, Martha and Mary, thought when their brother died. They were understandably hurt and frustrated. They told Jesus that, had He only been there, it never would have happened. Jesus wasn’t angry or defensive. He cried with them and comforted the two sisters. Their brother was His friend, too.

Jesus walked over to the tomb. Suddenly all eyes were on Him. He bowed his head in prayer for a brief moment, and then called out in a loud voice for Lazarus to come out. And that’s when everyone gasped for air.

Lazarus had come back to life.

What Does it All Mean?

You might have heard many of these stories before, but what do they mean? What do they teach us about Jesus? It would seem that there are two main takeaways we can get from these incredible stories:

  1. Jesus has the power to overcome all the things that plague us as humans. Whether we are worried about our basic necessities being met, or we’re sick. Whether we’re the victim of natural disasters or the forces of evil. Even death itself!
  2. Jesus cares about people and wants to help them.

These two simple facts are why millions of miracles just like these are reported today in Jesus’ name! Would you like to learn more about Jesus and His miraculous love for you and your community? You can do so today, by downloading the Waha app and asking a few of your friends or family to join you in a process called Discovery Bible Study. Start exploring for yourselves what the Bible says about him. It's absolutely free! Or click hereto learn more.