Case Studies

How One Man Reinvigorated His Relationship with God by Making Disciples.

Most of us are no stranger to that tired, monotonous feeling we can get when we’re trying to be faithful, but the Bible just isn’t jumping off the page like it used to. We often tell ourselves that it’s just a matter of self-discipline. But what happens when we feel spiritually asleep like this more often than we feel alive and vibrant in our study of the word?

Meet Theo*

*Name changed for anonymity

Theo knows how you feel! Living on the picturesque island of Mauritius, Theo has no shortage of inspiring views to rev up his devotional life. Prayer time at the beach or a stunning waterfall was always just a ten-minute bus ride away. Theo loves God and wants others to know Him too. His fire for God and zeal for helping others know His love even attracted the attention of a group of local believers on the island who were starting up an office for a missionary sending agency. They wanted him to join their team and help establish this new effort.

Despite all this, Theo felt stale in his study of the Bible. As is true for  so many of us, the life-altering word of God had just become a familiar set of stories. But Theo managed to reinvigorate his devotional life in a way that transformed his relationships and planted the seeds of revival in his community! Here’s how he did it.

What Made Theo Discover God in Scripture Like Never Before!

One day, Theo’s team leader at the mission sending organization handed him a list of recommended resources from their parent agency. He was interested in Waha because it was a free mobile app, which made it easy and accessible to him. He decided to download it. At first, it seemed like a mundane Bible study app, with lists of verse references and study questions that—to him—felt a little basic. But after giving it a try, Theo was amazed!

I’ve been a believer for 30 years. This makes me feel like I’m reading the Bible again for the first time!

Theo had stumbled upon a few simple actions that radically reignited his faith:

  • First, he recognized that Waha is designed as a group-focused app, encouraging believers and seekers alike to gather with others and discover the treasures of God’s word together. So he didn’t do it alone.
  • He invited his wife to do one of the studies with him. They found their way to the list of topical studies in Waha’s library and chose the marriage lesson set.
  • As they went through the Discovery Bible Studies about marriage, they felt that their already strong relationship was strengthened, but they also wanted to go deeper.
  • That’s when they found the Disciple Making Course and went through it together.
  • The Disciple Making Course not only offered them new insights to scripture; it transformed the way they lived their lives.
  • They now spend time every week, prayer walking their village together, full of faith that God will lead them to a person of peace who will open a door for a movement of disciple making!

After going through the Disciple Making Course two or three times, I’m convinced that this is the way. This is what we need!

How it worked

So what is it about Theo’s story that it so compelling? Is there something special about Waha that helps people like him revitalize their faith and make disciples?

Of course not!

The answer has nothing to do with the app itself. It’s so much more about the God who transforms lives and how Waha can make it easier for people to engage with that extraordinary God.

For example, In John 6, Jesus teaches us that God the Father is drawing people to himself, meaning that allowing people to discover God themselves through simple, open-ended questions about scripture can be the most powerful way for people to encounter Him. Waha makes that easy by simply asking you to press play and let it ask all the questions for you.

We also know that we were never meant to make disciples alone. God calls us to do it in community! Theo recognized this and brought his wife in on the process because he saw that Waha is built for groups.

Finally, we know that our faith grows when it is active. Theo found this out because he responded to the Disciple Making Course by putting it into practice, prayer walking in his village. Waha makes sure to always include questions about obedience to scripture and people to share with for this very reason!


We were inspired by Theo's story, so we made the Waha Disciple Making Challenge! This 7-day devotional is designed to help you see the link between your own personal growth in God, and making disciples. It's available for free right now on YouVersion, and you can get started by yourself without needing anyone else. Check it out today. It's the perfect bridge from where you are right now, to the Disciple Making Course.