Fulfill your God-given call to make and multiply disciples

Learn and practice the 7 Practices of a Disciple that Multiplies in 60 Days

What does disciple making mean to you?

From: Jeff and the Waha team

What does making disciples that multiply mean to you?

There are certainly a lot of ideas out there…

For some, you want to see more lost people reached… but you are having a hard time getting traction.

For others, you want to walk in your purpose and connect with God’s heart… you may not be a professional minister… but you want to partner with God in his Great Commission.

And for others of you, you are hoping to see your entire community transformed. You want God to address every area of lostness in your city, region, or nation.

Before I share the goal of this 60 Day Disciple Making Challenge for YOU… let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you wish that others would just “get excited like you are”? Are you questioning why others don’t share the same zeal and passion for the lost like you do?
  • Do you struggle to share the gospel where you live? Do you feel like people are very resistant to the gospel? Or maybe you feel like you just “aren’t gifted in evangelism”?
  • Are you feeling stuck, only seeing individuals come to faith instead of entire families or friend groups?
  • Do you feel like you aren’t qualified to make disciples? Like you need a seminary degree or extensive certifications to make disciples?
  • Do you wish you could pray more, but your schedule and season of life seem to make that impossible?
  • Are you convinced you need to make disciples, but aren’t sure what steps to take?
  • Are you wanting to see multiple generations of groups start, but keep seeing addition instead of exponential growth?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then I want to invite you to join the 60 Day Disciple Making Challenge and change your life forever!

Here’s how the challenge works

Step 1

Gather a few friends or family members and watch the 90-minute introductory training together.

Step 2

Form a Disciple Making Community (DMC) with your friends or family and commit to meeting for the next 7 weeks.

Step 3

Each week for 7 weeks, gather to read and discuss passages about disciple making, hold each other accountable to making disciples, and watch a short training video about a disciple making practice.

By the end of 60 days, your Disciple Making Community will be equipped and practiced for disciple making–some of you may even start your own Discovery Groups with people outside of your DMC.

Need more information before you make your decision…?

Let’s break down what the challenge looks like week-to-week!

Week 1: Watch the Waha Masterclass

“How to Walk in your Purpose and See the Kingdom of God Transform your Community by Making Disciples that Multiply …even if you don’t have a bunch of resources, training, or live in a “super hard” location”

Think of this masterclass like an event, kind of like watching a movie together with your friends. You’ll want to schedule about an hour and a half to watch and discuss how you want to move forward.

In the masterclass you will learn 3 main Keys:

Key 1

How to make disciples that multiply without needing to be able to teach or gather in a building.

Key 2

How anyone with a smartphone (after 5 minutes of training) can facilitate a group of lost people to discover God’s Word together, apply what they learn, share it with others, and start new groups.

Key 3

The two-part framework to finding, coaching, and multiplying new groups of Jesus followers–even if you live in an area considered “too resistant” to the Gospel.

Check out this short video outlining what you’ll cover in the masterclass:

Weeks 2-8: The 7 Practices of a Disciple that Multiplies

After watching the Waha Masterclass, you will be challenged to form a “Disciple Making Community” and to start practicing the “7 Practices of a Disciple that Multiplies”

Weeks 2-8 will be focused on the 7 practices:

Week 2

Be Hearers and Doers of the Word

Week 3

Multiply Prayer

Week 4

Engage the Lost

Week 5

Find People of Peace

Week 6

Help Discovery Groups Start

Week 7

Coach & Multiply Churches

Week 8

Coach & Multiply Leaders

Check out this short video outlining what you will do in your Disciple Making Community:

Be an action taker

Take a moment to think…
  • How many sermons have we heard?
  • How many podcasts have we listened to?
  • How many Christian books have we read?

The global church has never had more information available to us.

So why haven’t we finished Jesus’ great commission?

The problem isn’t that we need more information… we just need help implementing.

James 1:22 exhorts us to be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving ourselves.

The nitty-gritty questions…

Does this cost any money?
No! The 60-day challenge is completely free.
How do I sign up?
 Click the “Join Challenge” button below, enter your email address, and you will receive an email with your first assignment.
Is this available in other languages?
Yes! We are actively translating these trainings into more languages. Email us at contact@waha.app to see if your language is in development.
Can I go through this by myself?
No! Community is a key aspect of the 60-Day Disciple Making Challenge. You will need at least one other person to do the challenge with.