Part two of our deep dive into the Biblical principle of Discovery

In our last post, we talked about the power of discovery. And while the rest of the world champions the impact this revelation can have for educational institutions and businesses, the Bible provides a deeper understanding. You see, while the secular world thinks of this principle as self discovery, we know that it’s actually God discovery. Jesus explains in John 6: 44-46 (NIV)…

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard the Father and learned from him comes to me. No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father. 

(emphasis mine)

You’ve just read one of the clearest, most concise explanations about how people come to know Jesus, in all of scripture. So, let me ask you, where is the evangelist in that verse? 

Nowhere to be found. 

Could it be that—in our attempts to fulfill the Great Commission by our own strength—we’ve shouldered some responsibility we were never meant to bear? Could it be that we were never meant to teach the lost, because that’s God’s job? This verse seems to indicate that the job of drawing the lost into a relationship with the Father is the job of the Holy Spirit Himself! We are just facilitators, asking the questions that get people looking at scripture, and looking within, to hear the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

How Waha Makes it Easy

Waha is designed with Discovery in mind. In fact, a meeting facilitated by Waha among seekers reading the Bible for the first time is often called a Discovery Bible Study, or simply, a Discovery Group. It can be hard for many of us to get a good feel for the kind of question-asking Jesus did during his ministry. How should a meeting flow? What questions lead to the best understanding of the message of scripture? Which stories should you read, and when should you read them?

Waha makes facilitating a Discovery Bible Study so easy that anyone can do it, by listing out some questions to encourage fellowship in-app, followed by the scripture itself, and finally finishing with application questions. Not only that, but the app is designed audio first, meaning that listening to an in-app voice is as easy as pushing a button, pausing to allow the group to discuss their answer to the question, and then hitting play again. It’s literally possible to facilitate an entire DBS without even opening your mouth!

The Bible verses have been curated by the most successful disciple makers from cultures around the world. Our content advisory board has agreed upon a critical path through the whole of scripture that will lead people on a journey of discovery from the beginning point of not being a believer at all, up to a decision whether or not to follow Jesus, and continuing on to become a mature leader who helps others find God’s love as well. These Bible stories have been collected in-app as the Foundational Studies, but they’re not the only thing in Waha’s library of content. There is also a list of thematic Bible studies that serve as a jumping-on point for people dealing specific situations. This allows people to have their felt needs addressed by scripture, leading them to decide for themselves to continue on, studying the Foundational Studies.

The questions asked in each Discovery Bible Study itself are designed to hold the DNA of church. For example, a group of seekers might not want to open their meeting by singing a worship song, so the app instead asks the question, “what are you thankful for?” This plants the seeds of praise and worship so they can begin this function of church once they decide to follow Jesus. 

Speaking of the Church, the Waha app even hosts a full curriculum to teach believers how to make disciples that multiply, called the Waha Disciple Making Course. This course, like Jesus’ parables, is driven by stories of real people encountering God and catalyzing entire movements of multiplying disciples. It begins with highly visionary case study material before transitioning into its own form of Discovery Bible Studies, with additional training videos, and disciple-making-related questions to provoke greater discovery within believers.

An Invitation

Our God is a God who says, “taste and see.” He appears to us just as he appeared to Peter, walking upon the wind and the waves. He fills us with awe, showing us that He can do the impossible—and then invites us to join him in doing the impossible.

Maybe discovery seems impossible to you. Can you the seekers in your life really lead themselves to the Lord, simply by asking a few questions? Jesus’ answer to you is, “yes, all this and more!” Not only does he want to lead your friends to Himself, but He wants to transform your entire community. We’re here to tell you that it is happening more and more these days, all around the world. People are beginning to discover Christ for themselves, and not just a few at a time: Entire movements are happening in the world today. It’s all because God’s people are going back to the methods of Jesus and Paul, and trusting in our Heavenly father to catch his children when they excitedly jump into the waters of faith.

At Waha, we’ve done our best to study these movements around the world and build tools to make these massive spiritual shifts accessible to anyone who wants to experience them. Download it today and see for yourself!