Welcoming people into your home to experience a living, active God is a privilege. No matter the state of your living room, when they open the Word together and begin to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, their lives are destined to be changed forever. Even if they’ve been believers their whole lives! In this blog, we will give you 4 simple tips to enhance everyone’s experience of attending a Disciple Making Course in your house.

1. A peaceful host makes for a peaceful home.

Your house could be in absolute disarray (or at least feel that way to you), but if those attending your Disciple Making Course walk into a home with a peaceful host, no one will notice the toys on the floor or the dishes on the counter. Here’s how you can find that peace:

  • Plan ahead earlier in the day what you want to serve as a snack instead of waiting til the last minute to run to the store and buy everything.
  • The Disciple Making Course has video content to watch so consider how you will display it and test that out beforehand. Are you going to use your phone or computer screen? Planning to get fancy and connect your computer to the TV? Make sure your HDMI cable is up for the job.
  • Take some time for yourself before everyone arrives and your house gets loud to quiet your heart and mind from the day’s activities. People are likely walking in from a busy, chaotic day and you—as the host—can set the tone towards peace.
2. Prepare a simple snack and drink beforehand.

A gourmet feast is not the goal here. Having something simple for people to snack on before, during, and after the meeting helps your home feel more open and welcoming. You can also invite others to bring part of the refreshments. This helps everyone feel like a contributing member to the group.

3.  Before closing, plan the time and location for your next meeting.

We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to plan something, but there’s just one person on the WhatsApp group who isn’t responding! So, take advantage of everyone being in the same room to make sure your next meeting is far more likely to happen. Take the time to put something on the calendar. Offer your home as a meeting place but also be open to the idea that others might enjoy hosting from time to time too. Get a plan together, and then send it out over your favorite messaging app so everyone has it in writing.

4.  Allow people to linger awhile after the meeting is officially finished.

Sometimes the best conversations happen after the official part of the meeting has finished. Allowing people to linger for a bit helps them develop relationships with one another and casually ask any questions they have about the content you discussed. Nervous about potential questions? Don’t be! Our team is always happy to help, if you write to us at hello@waha.app.


As the host of a Disciple Making Course, it’s your honor to create an envirorment where people are at ease to discover God’s Word, repent as needed when the Holy Spirit convicts them, and learn how to move forward in obedience to God’s direction. That may sound daunting, but it’s actually rather simple. Following the 4 tips above lays a great foundation for hosting a Disciple Making Course people will be excited about attending week after week.

To learn more about the Disciple Making Course, head over to wahatraining.com. You can also download the app here or sign up for the Disciple Making Course today by clicking the links provided!

This article was guest-written by one of our Waha users. If you’ve got a story to share about your experience using Waha, let us know at stories@waha.app and we might feature it here!