Hey Disciple Makers!ย 

We are excited to announce that we can now create 100% offline languages for Waha on Android, downloadable via an SD card.

Hello Offline 

We dropped a fresh trailer with this new feature. Check it out below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Wait, wasn’t Waha offline already?

Sort of! Waha is able to be used offline, but requires an internet connection to download from the App Store/Google Play Store, install a language, and save lessons for later offline use.

Now, with Waha Offline, you can have the entire app and all of the necessary files on an SD card. No internet required, period.

This is perfect for those working in extremely closed nations or where data is expensive or unavailable.

How do I access Waha offline?

For ourย existing languages, if you want the SD card version, send us an email atย contact@waha.appย and let us know. Note that if a language adds any future content or story sets, you would need to obtain a new Waha Offline version to get the updates.

Interested in making an offline version of your language?

Head toย waha.app/add-your-languageย to apply.ย 


The Waha Team

PS – We have more languages being launched soon! Interested in adding your language?ย Learn more here.โ€‹

Want to see what other languages are in the works? Check out https://waha.app/roadmap.