Hey Disciple Makers! Here are some of things we’ve been working on lately…

Improvements for non-oral cultures

Waha isn’t just for oral cultures! We’ve adjusted the lesson-playing screen so that reading the text of the DBS questions and Scripture feels more natural and intuitive. For those of you who prefer to listen, things will still look familiar with that easy-to-use spotify-esque layout.

Waha Analytics for language instance partners

Are you in a leadership position for your country? Want to see what groups are starting and progressing in your region? We’d like to introduce Waha Analytics for language instance partners. On the Waha Analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to see where your groups are, how many there are, what Story Sets have been completed, and more. Use it for coaching, encouragement, and fundraising.

NOTE: Content is only visible to language instance partners for security reasons.

New languages + better onboarding

At the current moment, we have more than 8 languages that are in the process of being added to Waha!! (Interested in adding your region’s language? Head to this link.)

To set us up well for having all of these languages in the future, we’ve added the ability for users to search for their language so that they can get going into a lesson as soon as possible.

The instructional screens, which guide the user through the basics of Waha, have been refined and streamlined so users know exactly what to do once they get into the meat of the app.

New Mobilization Tools unlock

We heard your feedback: unlocking the Mobilization Tools content is now more intuitive and involves less steps! (The code to unlock is 281820 if you’re wanting to check it out 😎)

The Waha Workbook: our instruction manual for adding new languages

We launched the “Waha Workbook”: a step-by-step interactive instruction manual for adding a new language to Waha! Now, anyone who partners with us will be able to easily collaborate with their team and with us to add their language to the app. In case you were curious, we estimate it takes 2-6 months for a new language to be added to Waha. 🚴

Lots of bug fixes and speed improvements

In addition to fixing loads of bugs over the last several months, we are having a group of 7 professional programmers help us out with improving Waha’s security, performance, and maintability.

If you run into some unexpected behavior, make sure to let us know via the “Contact Us” button in the navigation drawer!

Multiplying groups in the Indian Ocean

One of our Waha users put on a training to go through Waha’s Masterclass with a room full of local believers. Soon afterwards, one woman started a group using Waha. That group has now started a new child (2nd generation) group! After being asked about her experience she said, “It’s easy. All I need is a few friends and this app!”

Do you have any stories you want to share?

Let us know how you are using Waha! What is God doing in your region? Hit reply and let us know. We read every response. You may even get featured (in a security-conscious way) in the next newsletter!

Have ideas or feedback?

Any features or ideas you would love to see in Waha? We want to hear them! Let us know!